Lightning Monitoring

Lightning Monitoring

Optimize your wind turbine assets

Lightning Monitoring

Measure true turbine lighting loads via the blade mounted Lightning Monitoring System (LM-S) for condition-optimized maintenance.

We are breaking new ground: our LM-S lightning current monitoring system detects and analyzes all significant parameters of lightning surge currents. Evaluation and remote signaling is in realtime. You benefit by being able to plan inspection and maintenance more efficiently.


  • Detect the actual system load by evaluating the measured results
  • Maintenance can be planned better, thanks to continuous remote monitoring
  • Easy data output and configuration, thanks to integrated web server
  • Integration in standard network systems, thanks to RJ45 Ethernet interface
The unique lightning current measuring system from Phoenix Contact  

Lightning current measuring system for remote monitoring

Mount the sensors of the measuring system on the down conductors that carry the lightning current.

In the event of a lightning strike, the surge current generates a magnetic field around the conductor, which is detected by the sensors.

The system then sends the measured results to the evaluation unit via fiber optics. Here, the light waves are converted into electrical signals.

Based on the values obtained, the evaluation unit determines the following parameters of the lightning characteristic:

  • Maximum lighting current strength
  • Lightning current rate of rise
  • Charge
  • Specific energy

Product list for lightning current measurement.


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LM-S lightning monitoring system

LM-S monitors Guangxi wind farm with a power output of 1.5 MW.