Tools for getting through the cabinet

Getting through the cabinet (GTTC)

Heavy-duty industrial solutions for panel feed-through applications. We help you “get through the cabinet” in 3,471,851,305,841 ways.


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A great deal of work goes into laying out the inside of a cabinet. Phoenix Contact offers a wide-ranging assortment of tools designed to help you accomplish that task. What happens, however, long after all that work is done and the time comes to integrate that finished cabinet into a larger system?

In the field, an array of sensors, motors, and other devices may have been brought together and conveniently connected using Phoenix Contact’s selection of field-wiring solutions, but none of that wiring matters unless the connections reach back to a control box.

In both situations, passing the electricity carried over those lines through the cabinet wall is essential. Phoenix Contact is always ready with a wide variety of solutions for “getting through the cabinet” (GTTC).


HEAVYCON is a versatile, heavy-duty industrial connector solution for disconnect requirements at the cabinet wall.

  • UL508A certified
  • STA, EVO, ADV aluminum rated for Type 4/4X/12
  • EVO Plastic rated for Type 12
  • Inserts recognized under ECBT2 per UL1977

Housing categories:

STA = Standard
-Fixed entry, latch locking

EVO = Evolution
-Configurable entry, latch locking

ADV = Advance
-Fixed entry, screw locking

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Try the Cable Entry System (CES) for semi-permanent cable pass-through applications, regardless of whether those cables are pre-terminated. Install a wide variety of different cable sleeves into CES sealing frames to capture and organize the entry of various cable assemblies as they pass through a cabinet wall.

  • IP54 rated split, slip-on sleeves
  • IP65 rated cone sleeves
  • Use NBR rubber sleeves for protection against oils, fuels, and grease
  • Thermoplastic sleeves are best for resistance to acids and lyes
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Multigates are a sub-set of the CES system, used for organizing and sealing large numbers of cables that will be terminated inside the cabinet. Perfect for protecting a cabinet entry point that may otherwise be left open, or one sealed with a large bank of cable glands.

  • IP65 protection
  • Seal up to 27 cables
  • All under a single HEAVYCON B24 knockout
  • Additional varieties can provide IP54, IP65, and IP67 protection levels for up to 37 cables
  • Supports cables with diameters from 2 to 60 mm
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HEAVYPORT is the Phoenix Contact solution for programming and updating cabinet software.

  • Provides an access point for software modifications without opening the control-cabinet door
  • Eliminates downtime resulting from the extra safety procedures required to open the enclosure
  • Reduces the risk of damage occurring to the internal enclosure components by minimizing exposure to environmental conditions
  • Eliminates the risk of arc flash as well as other safety concerns associated with opening a panel door in harsh environments
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Cable glands

Cable glands from Phoenix Contact are a simple, reliable method of passing cables through a cabinet wall. With plastic, nickel-plated brass, and stainless steel offerings, finding whatever option your application requires is easy.

  • Available in metric and Pg threads; NPT adapters also available
  • UL certifications under file E199260 (category group QCRV) making them easy to incorporate on UL508A cabinets
  • IP68 protection with plastic glands and IP68/IP69 for metal glands
  • Nickel-plated brass cable glands offered in standard or electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) ready versions
  • Plastic cable glands include an innovative housing design which eliminates the need for a sealing ring between the gland and the panel — great for UV resistance
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