No jabs.  No stabs.

No jabs. No stabs.

Crimpfox 4-in-1 cuts, strips, crimps, and twists the wire so you and your thumb don’t have to. Visit a distributor and get a free twist-test!

We all know that twisting wire can be a real pain in the thumb.  But, Phoenix Contact has solved that problem.  Now, when you’re processing conductors and ferrules for products like our reliable PT terminal blocks, the Crimpfox 4-in-1 helps you cut, strip, crimp, and (best of all) twist the wire, saving your thumb a lot of aggravation.

Plus, the functional design allows you to do it all without the Crimpfox 4-in-1 ever leaving your hand.  It’s quick and it’s easy; which is also true of our PT terminal blocks with push-in technology.  From the field to the controller, features like an integrated actuation lever and 50-percent lower insertion force make our PT terminal blocks ideal for a wide range of applications.

See how easy termination can be.  Get a free twist-test at a distributor near you. 

Crimpfox 4-in-1

  • Process a 20-14 AWG wire with one tool
  • Ratcheted crimping
  • Durable GF 50 plastic construction
  • Pictogram for easy operating instructions


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