UNO Solar: Powered by the array

Save the time and expense of installing trenches for your power lines. The direct array connection of UNO Solar allows you to target specific applications.

The newest addition to the UNO family of power supplies is designed specifically for solar applications. This DC-to-DC power supply can utilize high-voltage DC string voltage and convert it to 24 V DC.

Direct-connection benefits

Connecting AC power lines directly to the array saves you the time, the hassle, and the cost of trenching installation. AC power and signal lines must be in separate trenches due to possible noise coupling, but the need for trenching can be totally eliminated with a wireless solution.

UNO Solar provides control power with the loss of grid power.  It is the first array-powered supply to be approved to UL1741: standard for inverters, converters, controllers, and interconnect-system equipment for use with distributed energy resources.

UNO Solar

  • Input range: 300 to 1000 V DC
  • Output rated: 24 V DC/2.5 A
  • Can be wired in parallel to increase current using an UNO diode to decouple
  • Five-year standard warranty
  • Powering the SOLARCHECK RSD

Simplify combiner box installation

Combiner box installation - Figure 1

Figure 1

Power (red wire) and data (black wire) solution: Installed to the combiner boxes using separate trenches to prevent noise problems.

Combiner box installation - Figure 2

Figure 2

Array solution: When 24 V DC for the combiner boxes is powered by the array, the power trench is not needed.

Combiner box installation - Figure 3

Figure 3

Wireless solution: no trench needed.

Compact housing and high efficiency of more than 90 percent, makes UNO Solar ideal for use in small control boxes. Its LED monitoring simplifies startup and the UL-1741 certification facilitates the approval of the overall system.

UNO Solar applications

  • Powering combiner boxes
  • Powering re-combiner boxes
  • Powering the inverter controls for anti-islanding requirements


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