Bluemark CLED

Bluemark CLED

A printing system with LED-UV technology for printing plastic UniCard labels and metal tags in high volume.

Innovative printing technology

Phoenix Contact's Bluemark CLED is the third generation of the Bluemark series. It uses the same UV technology as it's predecessors, but prints more efficiently while still maintaining the same quality of permanent printing.

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Some features of the Bluemark CLED include:

  • More efficient use of ink
  • Higher printer resolution
  • Front-feed capability for printing on aluminum plates
  • "High density" setting to provide optimum print quality
  • Color touch screen that is easy to navigate through for cleanings, ink status, and changing the print feed

The Bluemark CLED prints on terminal block markers, wire, and equipment labels, as well as markers for other manufacturers' terminal blocks. With the capability to print 10,000 markers per hour, the Bluemark CLED is one of the fastest printers on the market!


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