PTPOWER 95 Terminal Blocks

PTPOWER 95 terminal blocks

New push-in spring connectors from Phoenix Contact feature Power Turn technology for high-power performance.


Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of push-in spring technology terminal blocks for high-power applications. Screw-type connections have long dominated larger wire terminations, because a suitable spring version was not available.  

Our customers have been requesting a spring-type version because of the added benefits it offers: a faster, reliable termination, as well as consistent connection technology among all connections within their cabinet.  Now, PTPOWER 95 fulfills these requirements by giving you a fast, safe, and reliable connection for wires up to 4/0 AWG.

These high-power blocks have similar accessories and a design similar to their smaller counterparts in the CLIPLINE Complete line, including marking and testing adaptors.

PTPOWER 95 features

Product features

This is the first in a series of high-power spring terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact featuring the Power Turn technology, which is a short lever movement to open and close the termination area.  

When the termination area is opened, the springs are loose and not kinetically charged, achieving an extra level of safety. This feature makes the PTPOWER 95 the only finger-safe spring terminal block for larger conductors.  In addition to this quick and safe Power Turn feature, our unique push-in capabilities allow direct wire termination: the world’s fastest way to connect wires greater than 2 AWG.  

With the terminal block in the closed position, you simply push the wire in until it stops and achieve the same reliable connection.

PTPOWER terminal blocks are also side-entry capable, for optimum large conductor routing without the need to accommodate a bending radius.  The PTPOWER 95 has multiple accessories for maximum flexibility, including:

  • Two- and three-position bridges
  • Individual 2.3 mm test points, with an optional 4 mm test point
  • DIN rail or panel options
  • AGK 10 PTPOWER pick-off terminal, allowing up to an additional four 6 AWG wires to each block

You have 17 different versions to choose from, including blocks prebuilt with three to five positions, black/yellow functional earth (FE), and potential earth (PE) versions.

PTPOWER 95 is rated per UL for 230 A at 1000 V using 4 to 4/0 AWG wire sizes.

Target markets

Target markets
  • Wind power plants
  • Photovoltaics (central invertors and combiner boxes)
  • Elevator manufacturing
  • Water/wastewater
  • Rail/transit
  • Transformers, drives, convertors
  • Control cabinet and switchgear manufacturing


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