The THERMOFOX portable printer


THERMOFOX cartridges hold an average of 25-percent more material than other hand-held printers.

Wherever your work takes you, our lightweight, rugged THERMOFOX portable printer makes marking on the go easy.  The hand-held THERMOFOX from Phoenix Contact is highly capable and easy to use, with material cartridges that hold an average of 25-30 percent more material than other printers on the market. That means you can stay focused on the job at hand.

THERMOFOX Handheld Printer

The lightweight, rugged THERMOFOX handheld printer is fully portable so it can be used during field installations. Cartridges can be changed easily for terminal block marking, shrink sleeves, self-laminating wire wraps and indoor/outdoor vinyl tape. Wherever your work takes you, our THERMOFOX handheld printer makes marking on the go easy.

THERMOFOX Handheld Printer video

Accomplish more in the field

Our material cartridges are all-inclusive, containing the label media and matching ink ribbon in one easy-to-swap cartridge.  And with the printer’s automatic material detection, no additional steps are needed: you just enter your data and print.

THERMOFOX cartridge types include:

  • Terminal block marking
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Self-laminating wire wraps
  • Indoor/outdoor vinyl tape in a variety of colors

THERMOFOX also gives you access to barcode creation, a symbol library, automatic sequencing, and the ability to save up to 20 files.  To take your marking even further, pair up the THERMOFOX hand-held printer with the THERMOFOX Prime printer.

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