PT Relay

Wiring without tools

PLC PT relays, with push-in-termination technology, can be easily and quickly connected without specialized tools. They have a reliable, long lasting connection, ideal for high vibration applications.

100's of Options, 100's of Solutions.

Phoenix Contact has designed hundreds of products to make your job easier. For example, our PLC PT relays are equipped with our leg-spring, push-in-termination technology.  Terminate by simply pushing the wire into the PT terminal, using very little force.  This time-saving connection technology is enhanced even further with the use of a ferrule, making connections easy and reliable.   To disconnect, simply insert a screwdriver into the orange release key, push and release the wire.  

Our push-in technology creates a high degree of usability and includes a wide range of connections, from 26 AWG to 14 AWG wire sizes.  PLC PT relays provide you with a fast, easy, safe connection and eliminate the need for insertion tools.

PLC PT relays, with push-in technology, feature:

  • Reduced push-in force — 50 percent less — as compared to the competition
  • Clear visual indication of termination area
  • Five times the IEC requirement for pull-out (retention) force
  • A specially designed wire ejection button


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