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EtherNet/IP:™ When to Go Wireless

EtherNet/IP:™  When to Go Wireless

Key concepts:

  • EtherNet/IPTM is becoming increasingly common in industrial applications
  • In many cases, a wireless EtherNet/IP network makes more sense than a hard-wired network
  • EtherNet/IP can work over various wireless networks, but for a successful installation, consider:
    • The bandwidth limitations of the network
    • The amount of data being communicated
    • Explicit versus implicit messaging can work better, especially for communication that are not time-critical

EtherNet/IP has become increasingly popular for industrial applications. Many of these applications use EtherNet/IP over wireless infrastructure. Because wireless networks have inherent latency and bandwidth limitations that wired networks don't have, there are several considerations to make when designing a wireless EtherNet/IP network. This paper will explore the EtherNet/IP protocol from a technical standpoint, and then apply this to particular system considerations for a wireless network.

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