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Safety and availability are decisive factors in tunnel infrastructure – along with economical operation. Phoenix Contact products provide you with a high-quality electrotechnical infrastructure from a single source.

Maximum availability thanks to system redundancy

System redundancy with RFC 460R  

Permanently available systems – thanks to system redundancy

Tunnel automation presents particular challenges - guaranteed system availability is extremely important. To prevent interruptions in the case of a breakdown, a redundant system is necessary.

System redundancy makes it possible to design a redundant system with two PROFINET IO controllers. In such cases, one controller functions as the primary controller, with the other as backup. This guarantees unrestricted transmission or intermediate storage.

This means that the I/O device continually receives data from one of the two I/O controllers. If communication from one of the high-performance controllers is interrupted, the second controller secures consistent communication. If neither of the two I/O controllers provides valid data, substitute values are output for the time being.

Outputting and reading data is dependent upon the operator's visualization program.

The advantage of this controller: if one or more components breaks down, the second component intervenes and secures the process. The system thereby remains fully functional.

Our product portfolio

Phoenix Contact offers reliable technology for tunnel building and other transportation systems. Discover the advantages for yourself.


Safety is the top priority in traffic engineering. Modern technologies ensure that different elements work together seamlessly to guarantee tunnel safety - for example, fire alarm systems, emergency telephones or doors, and emergency power supply systems.


Tunnel operation must be guaranteed around the clock. The reliability of operating equipment is also extremely important. To this end, Phoenix Contact offers redundancy concepts, alongside communication via fiber optics and surge protection.


Tunnels are typically controlled from a control center. Surveillance cameras and changeable message signs are used to control and monitor traffic flow. The information exchange required leads to high data volumes. We offer high-performance Gigabit Ethernet networks for safe, fast data transfer.


Implementing the electrotechnical infrastructure of a tunnel in a cost-effective and space-saving manner is achievable – from startup through to maintenance. Our solutions are open and scalable, in addition to being based on standardized components. Our worldwide sales and service network provides you with support in all project phases.


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