PV system monitoring

Maximize PV system efficiency

Maximize PV system efficiency

Monitor, diagnose, and validate performance of PV systems with ease.

Precise monitoring, diagnostics and performance validation of photovoltaic systems are essential to providing the highest rate of return on investment.  PV systems may be subject to many fault conditions such as module damage, degradation dirt, shadowing, and theft which may affect the system output .  Solar power systems may contain 1000s of individual PV strings and larger power bus cables.  To obtain maximum PV system efficiency reliable, continuous and distributed PV system monitoring is critical to the rapid location and elimination of fault conditions.

Phoenix Contact has a complete range of current transducers for buss and PV string measurement.  Our unique to the industry scalable SOLARCHECK string monitoring system provides both communication and measurement for up to 8 individual strings on the same cable pair.  Minimizing the number of wires and power supplies required.  In addition, SOLARCHECK with its industry standard Modbus interface ,as well as all of our measurement solutions may be combined with our portfolio of  controller and communication products to provide secure data access locally or anywhere in the world.


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