Software trainings

Developed and conducted by Phoenix Contact Solution Providers at our Customer Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A comprehensive product training course is available for Think and Do and the Visual Logic Controller, both of which include program development and troubleshooting.

Courses are performance-based with the objective being to maximize the student's productivity by using our software tools to develop, test and implement PC-based control applications. This process involves constructing flowchart application programs, generating a graphical operator interface, testing and debugging an entire application on real life mini-factories.

Even if you are not currently using PC-based controls, many professionals take our courses to learn how to properly design with PC-based controls and to evaluate the benefits that PC-based controls provide. They most often find that PC-based controls can have a significant effect on their bottom line.

Cost is 1/2 off with ESS Premium.


Please contract our trainer for availability before issuing a Purchase Order. The PO must be sent to Phoenix Contact at least 7 days before the class begins, or the class will be cancelled.

C.J. Grossmeyer


586 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057
(800) 888-7388