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Deployment plan

If you have decided to establish a new EDI partnership with Phoenix Contact we could recommend a road map for such project.

Timetable for EDI Implementation

  1. Please fill out the EDI questionnaire (link to PDF file on the right panel of this page

  2. Upon receiving your completed forms we will contact you to discuss your EDI Specifications such as Transaction Mapping and Communication Platform.  

  3. We would agree on the initial set of transaction we would be configuring (most likely Order and Order Confirmations are configured first). We will also ensure you are able to meet our basic Ordering Requirements.

  4. If applicable – we would need the following additional master files:

    • Your EDI Ship-to /Bill-to location master list

    • Your Customer Part/SKU cross-reference list with the Phoenix Part numbers (if you require your part numbers on the EDI transactions)

    • Any specific Vendor IDs or other requirements for data feedback

  5. Once all technical questions have been clarified, Phoenix Contact sets up the EDI relationship as well as Communications Setup for non-VAN communications. At that point we will request a test Purchase Order from you

  6. After verifying EDI Configurations and Communications Setup are working your Test Order will be passed to QA Instance of our ERP and verified by our Order Processing Team. Upon which the outbound test transactions would be generated to match your order. We would be able to provide original PDF printouts of those documents for your validation if needed.

  7. Once testing is complete we would agree on a GoLive date.  Upon verifying we have received first production order from you, and you have received our data feedback we would consider GoLive complete, unless you’d like to follow up with any additional transaction testing

  8. We will confirm we have valid EDI contact info on file to update our Production Address Book with your EDI Contact information.


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Further information

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