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Order process

There are few basic rules you would have to consider when placing the EDI order with Phoenix Contact. Ignoring these rules would cause the Order line rejections and would require manual data overrides on our side.

Various Business Rules

Standard Phoenix Article Number

Standard Phoenix Catalog Part Number must be used. If you prefer using your own part number, the cross-reference must be supplied prior to placing your order. Standard Phoenix Article is 7 positions long.

Special Items

Premarked Article format allowed by Phoenix would consist of standard part (7 positions), then colon character (1 position) and then 4 digit Premark value. Example – 1234567:0011

Configurable Items

We expect detailed description and instructions for configurable items submitted within standard EDI segments/elements such normally utilized for Description and/or Instructions.

DropShip Orders:

DropShip / Direct Ship or Priority orders should be identified as such in the body of EDI transmission. They should also include complete Ship-to address, End-user PO Number and the Carrier Account number if applicable.

Timing of Priority orders:

Priority Orders must be placed before 2 PM EDT to ensure same day processing.

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