Security and Preparedness -- Don't Know Where to Begin With Cyber Security? You May Already Be on Your Way

Security and Preparedness -- Don't Know Where to Begin With Cyber Security? You May Already Be on Your Way

Journal AWWA - December 2012

Water and wastewater professionals have it tough: budgets seem to always be shrinking and regulations are continually being added. Add to this the increasing threat to industrial control systems from malware such as Stuxnet, Flame, Shamoon, and other intentional and accidental cyber hazards, and it is easy to understand why many utility managers feel too confused to even get started toward making their municipality more cyber secure.

Reprinted from Journal AWWA, Vol. 104, No. 12 (Dec. 2012), by permission. Copyright © 2012, American Water Works Association. Permission to reproduce this document is granted for informational purposes only and does not represent or imply approval or endorsement by AWWA of any particular product or service.

Intelligent, industrial UPS solutions

Intelligent, industrial UPS solutions

InTech - July/August 2012

A new generation of UPS systems gives the customer the ability to see the unit's current state of health, replace at the appropriate time in the battery's life and avoid costly downtime.

Smart Motor Managers Improve Overall Pump Performance

Smart Motor Managers Improve Overall Pump Performance

Pumps & Systems - August 2012

Equipment and personnel safety and decreased energy costs are just the beginning of motor management benefits.

Cyber Security: Common Sense Security For Industrial Engineers

Control Engineering

Control Engineering - May 2012

While there is no control system can ever be completely secure, engineers can reduce cyber incident risk by consistently investing time and effort in security measures.

Smaller and smaller: Connectors shrink to meet the demands of miniature electronics


ECN - May 2012

To meet the needs of today’s ever-smaller electronics, the individual electromechanical elements on printed circuit boards (PCBs) have become miniaturized. While this creates higher density, the small size can present challenges when manufacturing. 

Reliability Using a Small PLC with GSM Modem

Pumps  Systems

Pumps & Systems - May 2012

A Utah system integrator improved a SCADA system using the Nanoline PLC and GSM modem.

Upgrading Legacy I/O Systems

Applied Automation

Applied Automation - March 2012

When it's time to modernize, choosing the best I/O strategy and supplier is critical for both new and upgrade projects.

3-Mile WiFi Connection Enables Mobile HMI Access

Control Engineering

Control Engineering - March 2012

Wireless local area network easily covers 3.1-mile span for a California water system, saving more than $15,000 compared to a wired solution.

Using intelligent motor management to improve efficiency and reduce energy cost

Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design - February 2012

By using intelligent motor management modules, plant manger can ensure that electric motors operate reliably and efficiently.

Safely Operating Current Transformers

Power Engineering

Power Engineering - January 2012

Current transformers provide reliable, trouble-free service for power generation, transmission and distribution. However, due to working in a high voltage environment, operator safety is a critical objective. Learn how newer CT terminal blocks can minimize human error and improve safety.


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