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Examples of use for Trusted Wireless Ethernet

RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD industrial wireless transceivers are particularly suitable for integration in processes that use sensitive data or for SCADA applications. They transmit distributed Ethernet and analog, serial or digital I/O data to IP-based networks.

Ethernet connection over large distances

Wireless Ethernet communication  

Protocol-transparent Ethernet transmission

The Trusted Wireless Ethernet wireless modules transmit data at up to 500 kbps. This means that you can reliably network Ethernet devices wirelessly over distances of up to 35 km.

You can achieve even longer distances by using repeaters. Wireless transmission is completely transparent in your network, and all common IPv4 protocols are supported, such as Modbus TCP, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP.   

The easy way to make serial devices Ethernet-compatible

Serial wireless communication  

Easy integration of serial interfaces

Using our RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD Trusted Wireless wireless module, you can easily integrate serial devices in your Ethernet network. The module offers an RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interface for this.

Modbus RTU is converted to Modbus TCP for transmission, while serial data is encapsulated in UDP frames.

Wireless transmission of I/O signals

Wireless I/O communication  

Quick and easy wireless transmission of I/O signals

The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD-BUS Trusted Wireless Ethernet module offers an integrated bus foot for the direct connection of I/O extension modules, if a controller is not required locally. This allows you to  transmit analog or digital pulse data over large distances.

The wireless module is configured with an address, and the I/O signals are mapped to the Modbus TCP register. The wireless module then behaves like a Modbus server and is part of a wireless remote control concept.

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