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TESTFOX: ensure your systems and devices are safe. Multimeters, current probes and voltage testers are high-quality measuring equipment for multifunctional applications. All of our devices are tested and approved according to applicable national and international standards.


  • Special shock-proof plastic materials
  • High level of functionality: all standard measuring tasks in a single compact device
  • Versatile use: also ideal for use in photovoltaics
  • Error-free measurement: elimination of inaccurate measurements due to reactive voltage
  • One stop shopping

Voltage tester

Testing tools  

Reliable measurements

Phoenix Contact voltage tester can be used to test phases, DC/AC voltages and polarity.  The devices can be used indoors and outdoors because of their high degree of protection. 


Measuring tools  

Versatile measurement using the digital multimeter

Digital multimeters from Phoenix Contact offer remarkable technology, impressive quality and their safety is tested according to applicable international standards.  These devices can be used for a wide range of measuring tasks such as current, voltage, frequencies, capacities, resistance and temperature.


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