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Wiring with system

Wiring I/O devices with single wires takes a lot of time. In addition, errors and tedious troubleshooting cannot be ruled out. To illustrate this, we have compared conventional wiring (with single wires) with system cabling.

Wiring with single wires

Conventional cabling with single wires  

Conventional cabling with single wires

The conventional wiring of single wires is complex; several individual wires are connected for each I/O module.  This means:

  • Each single wire connection is a possible error source
  • The cable bundles are confusing
  • Troubleshooting is tedious


Wiring with system components

VARIOFACE system cabling  

VARIOFACE system cabling

The time saved with VARIOFACE system cabling from Phoenix Contact compared to wiring with single wires is 90-percent and above.  This means that system cabling is safe, quick and error-free.

In addition, system cabling from Phoenix Contact is professionally equipped:

  • Front adapters with encapsulated system cables
  • Latest generation of compact termination boards


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