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Retrofit surge protection for easy installation

Surge protection is effective when installed at every stage of your power distribution system. Surge protection adapters and socket strips are designed and manufactured to help retrofit into existing systems and for easy installation.

Retrofitting into existing installations

Socket adapter from Phoenix Contact with integrated type 3 device protection  

Socket adapter with integrated type 3 device protection

Type 3 device protection limits surge voltages to values that sensitive termination devices can also safely cope with.

Installation is very easy: simply plug the COMBITRAB socket strips or the MAINTRAB attachment plug into the socket. Optimum protection is then provided for all connected termination devices.

COMBITRAB and MAINTRAB with interface protection kill two birds with one stone.  They connect only one device to simultaneously protect the power supply unit and another interface against surge voltages.


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Surge protection for building installation


Surge protection for the power supply

Learning module on surge protection for the power supply.