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Type 1 lightning arresters – for every main distribution

The typical installation location for type 1 lightning arresters is the main distribution. Powerful components - primarily spark gaps - are used in protective devices.

Protection in a complete package

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS arresters from Phoenix Contact can be rotated  

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS for use in all Lightning Protection Levels

With the FLASHTRAB compact PLUS product range, we offer a complete range of type 1 lightning arresters for 5, 4, and 3-conductor systems.

  • FLASHTRAB compact PLUS has a low protection level of ≤ 1.5 kV
  • For buildings with external lightning protection or supply via an overhead line, the installation location is the main or industrial distribution
  • The devices can be used internationally, thanks to their high rated voltage
  • The high short-circuit capacity plus the high extinguishing capacity for line follow currents enable use in low-voltage installations with high short-circuit currents
  • Thanks to its high discharge capacity, FLASHTRAB compact PLUS from Phoenix Contact meets the requirements for use in all Lightning Protection Levels

Wiring and labeling

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS arresters from Phoenix Contact can be rotated  

Arresters can be rotated 180 degrees

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS has a symmetrical design. This means the base elements and plugs can be rotated 180 degrees.

This means:

  • Installation is extremely easy
  • The connections are always on the correct side, regardless of whether the supply lines are led from above or below
  • Cable lengths are kept to a minimum
  • Labeling is legible at all times

The two terminal points per channel enable V-type through wiring.

Plug in and remove

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS from Phoenix Contact: just plug in and remove  

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS: easy to plug in and remove

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS has a universal plug-in design.

For example, you can remove the plug and then perform insulation measurements without difficulty.

Another advantage of the plug-in capability: faulty plugs are replaced individually, inexpensively and quickly.

Recurring tests for surge protective devices can be performed quickly and easily using the CHECKMASTER arrester test device from Phoenix Contact.

Convenient monitoring

FLASHTRAB compact PLUS from Phoenix Contact with status indication  

Status indication directly on the protective plug

The operating state of all protective paths of FLASHTRAB compact PLUS is monitored.

In the event of an error, the L-N plugs are thermally disconnected. Signaling takes place directly at the module, without power consumption.

Monitoring also has a simultaneous effect on the floating PDT contact. This allows easy-maintenance remote signaling to be implemented.

This means for you: the arresters indicate their state at the location that suits you best.


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