Software PLC

Transform your industrial PC into a PLC

Transform your industrial PC into a PLC

Two devices in one: utilize the available resources of your industrial PC and transform it into a powerful controller using the software PLC.

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    Software PLC

    Software PLC for using Valueline industrial PCs as PLCs. With shielded control part for stable and reliable operation.

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Industrial PCs for visualizing and operating processes are often only utilized to a limited extent. Make use of these available resources and transform your industrial PC into a full-fledged PLC. Depending on the performance requirements, select PC Worx SRT with statistically guaranteed reaction times for small to medium tasks. For complex automation that demands hard realtime, select PC Worx RT BASIC.

Your advantages

  • Save costs: separate PLC hardware is not required
  • Stable and reliable, thanks to operating system extension
  • Easy and inexpensive visualization, thanks to an integrated web server
  • Maximum Ethernet openness: all common protocols are supported

Powerful and stable – the Valueline industrial PC as a PLC

Using an IPC as a PLC  

Your IPC can be used as a PLC.

The software PLC from Phoenix Contact is a cost-effective alternative to a conventional PLC.

Matching your performance requirements, such an industrial PC or even a conventional Windows PC turns into a control, operation, or visualization unit in your system.

Stable operation, thanks to separate operating system extension

Shielded control part of the software PLC  

The shielded controller ensures the stability of the controller.

PC WORX RT BASIC enables you to control your system in real-time. System operation is particularly stable, due to a real-time extension being installed in addition to the standard Windows operating system.

This real-time extension - INtime from TenAsys - can shield the real-time control part from the Windows environment. Therefore, the integrity and deterministic behavior of the controller is protected.  


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Software PLC

Transform your Windows PC into a programmable controller.