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Individual automation – with pre-configured switches

The FL NAT SMN 8TX combines switch mechanisms at Layer 2 level and the routing function at Layer 3 level. This means that you can work cost-effectively and efficiently as the highly functional switch is particularly narrow and saves on installation and configuration time.

Customer specific configuration

Switch with NAT routing function and MEM PLUG that can be plugged on  

Easy pre-configuration with the MEM PLUG

All around flexibility: using a replaceable memory module, the MEM PLUG, the FL NAT SMN 8TX can be pre-configured individually. You therefore deploy a device that is tailored to your requirements.

For example, you can save time with the MEM PLUG by pre-configuring various functions:

  • Enable 1:1 NAT function
  • Assign static LAN IP as
  • Set the speed to 100 Mbps by default


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