Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

PoE means two in one

Transmit data and power via a single cable with Power over Ethernet devices.

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Eliminate the need for a separate power supply when installing devices in difficult to access or remote system parts. With industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices from Phoenix Contact, power supply and data transfer are combined in the same Ethernet cable.

Your advantages

  • Easy device installation, thanks to reduced cabling effort
  • Cross-manufacturer use, thanks to standardization in accordance with IEEE 802.3
  • Fast retrofitting of existing systems, thanks to easy handling
  • Power over Ethernet devices are part of the COMPLETE line system

Large networks – Minimal cabling

Network setup with and without Power over Ethernet devices  

Reduce your cabling effort with Power over Ethernet

Normally, all Ethernet devices in the network must be supplied via separate power and data cables. With Power over Ethernet, you can eliminate the power supply cable and additional power supply units, as well as the associated installation costs. The end devices are supplied with power directly via the Ethernet cable. Power and data are transmitted via the data cable using a PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) module, such as a PoE injector or a PoE switch. The receiver is a PD (powered device), such as a camera, IP telephone or WLAN access point. Even non-PoE-capable end devices can benefit from lower cabling effort. Simply install a PoE splitter upstream of the end device. This then splits PoE back into separate data and power cables.

PoE injectors

Power over Ethernet injectors with various connection technologies  

Midspan PoE injectors in various performance classes in accordance with IEEE 802.3-af, -at, -bt

With the new range of Power over Ethernet injectors, you can supply your devices in the field with data and power via a single cable. The PoE injectors are equipped with various connection technologies which simplify installation of the field cable considerably. Choose between IDC, Push-in or screw connection. Versions with two RJ45 connections are also available.

PoE switches

Unmanaged and Managed PoE Switches  

Industrial PoE switches for monitoring or safety applications

Phoenix Contact offers a wide selection of industrial Unmanaged and Managed Switches for PoE-operated end devices, such as IP cameras. Unmanaged Power over Ethernet Switches with IP20 and IP65 protection are ideal for simple PoE applications with up to eight PoE PDs. The robust Managed PoE Switches also provide you with up to eight PoE ports and additional functions for PoE configuration.

PoE splitter

The PD 1000 Power over Ethernet splitter  

The PoE splitter separates power and data locally

The Power over Ethernet splitter enables you to also install non-PoE-capable end devices in remote stations easily and cost-effectively. For WLAN or Bluetooth access points, controllers, I/O stations, etc., the PoE splitter separates data and power locally and makes these available separately. You thus benefit from the cost benefits and easy cabling of a PoE solution even for non-PoE-capable network components.


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