Photovoltaic system management

Utilize solar power efficiently

Optimize yield

Protect your system against damage caused by lightning and surge voltages and increase efficiency by always being informed about the state of your system.

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  • String combiner for photovoltaic systems
    Tailor-made solution concepts

    Collect and distribute string currents, protect photovoltaic modules against damage from lightning and surge voltages, and also monitor the performance of the system.

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We offer exciting solutions from a single source that make your solar energy generation more profitable. Reliable monitoring products keep you informed of the state of your photovoltaic system at all times, enabling you to respond immediately in order to ensure maximum yield.

Your advantages

  • Protecting photovoltaic panels against damage caused by lightning and surge voltages and increasing the yield using compact and customized device connection boxes
  • Utilize solar power efficiently, thanks to systems for monitoring individual strings
  • Be kept informed at all times, thanks to software tools for detecting the state and fast alarm generation by e-mail or text message

String combiner box

SCB with string fuse outside the control box  

The SCB with external string fuse impresses thanks to its compact design.

As planners and installers of photovoltaic systems you want to achieve maximum yield with your system. The string combiner boxes (SCBs) from Phoenix Contact combine important functions for increasing system performance in compact, space-saving housing.

The boxes collect and distribute string currents, protect individual modules against damage from lightning and surge voltages, and monitor the performance of the system. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the SCB with standard string fuse and the particularly compact SCB with string fuse outside the control box.

String monitoring

SOLARCHECK for string monitoring  

SOLARCHECK provides reliable information regarding the performance of your photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic systems should achieve maximum energy yield from solar power in the shortest possible time. It is therefore essential to respond immediately to the failure of individual strings. The string current monitoring system from Phoenix Contact enables you to respond immediately to malfunctions and power losses.

The system consists of a communication module and various measuring modules, which can be used to reliably monitor the currents and voltages of your system.

Software for solar system monitoring

Box for the PV Monitor+ software  

Your monitoring solution for photovoltaic systems

The PV Monitor+ monitoring software is the efficient solution to guarantee the long-term yield of your photovoltaic systems. Voltages and currents are acquired and transmitted to a modular small-scale controller via a communication module. If these values exceed or fall below the set parameters, an alarm is sent in the form of an e-mail or text message. This means that you can keep an eye on system performance at all times.

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