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Increase the real-time capability of your PROFINET applications with the appropriate Industrial Ethernet Switches from Phoenix Contact. Our switches offer excellent real-time properties with high data throughput at the same time.

Your advantages

  • High data throughput and high speed, thanks to Fast Ethernet or Gigabit
  • Optimum user support, thanks to the use of IT standards and automation protocols
  • Easy monitoring and configuration of switch functions, thanks to web-based management, SNMP, and PROFINET device functions
  • Detection and prioritized, fast forwarding of PROFINET data packets

Managed Switches for PROFINET Class B networks

PROFINET network with Managed Switch  

Managed Switches act as PROFINET devices in the MRP ring

The Managed Switch portfolio for PROFINET Conformance Class B networks includes devices for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit communication. Thanks to the integrated PROFINET device, the switches of the 2200, 2300, SMCS, SMN, and GHS series can be fully configured and diagnosed via PC Worx and TIA Portal.

For maximum flexibility when cabling, the devices of the SMCS/SMN series are available as follows:

  • slim design and port cable exit toward the front, or
  • flat design with downward cable exit.

Thanks to the fact that they support the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), all PROFINET Class B switches have a guaranteed switching time of 200 ms or less. The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) also enables you to automatically specify your network topology.

IRT Switches for PROFINET Class C networks

Diagnostics and distance measurement with PROFINET IRT Switches  

Diagnostics and length measurement for fiber optic paths

Thanks to integrated ERTEC technology, the PROFINET IRT Switches offer optimum real-time properties for use in PROFINET Class C networks.

Furthermore, these switches can be used to diagnose PROFINET fiber optic paths and transmit the diagnostic values to the controller. This enables proactive maintenance for higher availability and fewer downtimes.

In addition, the IRT Switches make the distances between two devices available to you in the PROFINET device.

IP67 versions with push-pull connection technology (AIDA) enable use in the control cabinet as well as directly in the field.

PROFINET Switches at a glance

Transmission speed10/100/1000 Mbps10/100/1000 Mbps10/100 Mbps
Alarm contactYesYesYes
Temperature range-40°C ... +70°C

0°C ... +60°C (8-port)

-40°C ... +70°C (16-port)

-25°C ... +60°C
Supply voltage12 ... 57 V DC (redundant)18 ... 32 V DC (redundant)18.5 ... 30.2 V DC (redundant)
Filter functions   
Quality of ServiceYesYesYes
Multicast/IGMP snoopingYesYesNo
Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)YesYesNo
MRP manager / clientYes (optional) / YesYes (optional) / YesYes (optional) / Yes
Fast Ring Detection (FRD)YesYesNo
Large Tree SupportYesYesNo
Management functions   
Port configuration, statistics, and utilizationYesYesYes
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)YesYesYes
Address conflict detection (ACD)YesYesNo
Automation protocols   
PROFINET Conformance ClassBBC
PROFINET deviceYesYesYes
extended multicast filtering
Maritime approvalsDepends on the modelDepends on the modelNo
Ex approvalsDepends on the modelDepends on the modelNo


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