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Reliable signals

Reliable signals

Power quality at its best - Attenuate unwanted noise and benefit from a consistent, interference-free clean power.

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Devices that are used for data processing and automation benefit from a clean power supply. Take preventive action: interference filters limit conducted, high-frequency interference voltages. This results in safer operation and reliable measured results.

Your advantages

  • Protection against pulse-like and high-frequency voltages using filters with integrated surge protection
  • Large number of fields of application due to various attenuation curves
  • Flexible designs can be used in control cabinets and at the workplace
  • Compact protection using symmetrical and asymmetrical filter circuit

Interference filters with type 3 surge protection

Interference filters with surge protection  

Interference filters with surge protection product series

Interference filters with integrated type 3 surge protection have two tasks: to absorb transient surge voltages and to limit high-frequency interference voltages.

Interference filters with surge protection are available in a variety of designs:


SFP-TRAB DIN rail module

  • Floating remote indication contact
  • Optical status indicator
  • DIN rail-mountable
  • 5 A to 20 A nominal load current

TERMITRAB modular terminal block

  • With spring-cage connection
  • Protection for two conductors with common reference potential
  • For 24 V power systems
  • DIN rail-mountable


Interference filters

Interference filter/radio interference suppression capacitor  

Interference filters and radio interference suppression capacitors for mounting on DIN rails.

Products with integrated filter circuits can be considered as dedicated interference filters. They protect against symmetrical and asymmetrical interference.

  • FILTRAB: designed for a maximum nominal current of 1 A to 10 A – depending on the type – and can be mounted on DIN rails

If asymmetrical protection is sufficient, modular terminal blocks with integrated radio interference suppression capacitors are suitable.


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Surge protection and interference filters


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