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Overview of applications

Coupling relays between the controller and the field

Application example for coupling relays  

Coupling relays

The RIF-0 and RIF-1 relay modules are to safely couple signals between the controller and the field.

As such, power is amplified, voltages are adjusted or signals are electrically isolated.

Relays for signal multiplication

Application example for signal multiplication  

Signal multiplication

The RIF-2 relay modules are suitable for applications in which a high number of contacts is required.

A feedback signal to the controller can be switched in parallel to different loads.

From power relays to replacement for small power contactors

Application example for power relays  

Power relays in small power contactor applications

Thanks to their high switching power, the RIF-4 relay modules can be used in small power contactor applications. The advantages over contactors are:

  • Easy maintenance thanks to plug-in capability
  • Operating indicator via status LED
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast installation thanks to bridgeability and PT connection

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