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IEC 61131 runtime systems

Control systems must become increasingly powerful to control and synchronize processes and processing stages more precisely. Modern processor architectures provide the required computing power. With runtime systems from Phoenix Contact you can develop IEC 61131 controllers on this basis, ensuring they meet even the highest standards.

ProConOS embedded CLR Software Development Kit (SDK)

ProConOS embedded CLR system overview  

ProConOS embedded CLR – open IEC 61131 control runtime system

The ProConOS eCLR Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to adapt the runtime system to specific hardware. It provides controller manufacturers with the means of developing and configuring additional, specific functions.

Whether with or without the underlying operating system, ProConOS embedded CLR provides all the functionalities required for realizing a complete controller based on an embedded platform: from the multitasking capability to support for system events, through to provision of a device interface for startup, debugging, and monitoring.

ProConOS embedded CLR SDK is available for a variety of CPUs and realtime operating systems.

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ProConOS embedded CLR runtime system

ProConOs embedded CLR runtime system software box  

The diverse power package

ProConOS embedded CLR is the open IEC 61131 control runtime system for different automation tasks, such as PLC, PAC, motion control, CNC, plus robotics and sensor applications.

By using the internationally standardized Microsoft Intermediate Language (CIL according to IEC/ISO 23271) as a device interface, ProConOS embedded CLR can be programmed in C# and in IEC 61131.

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ProConOS embedded CLR Single-Chip

ProConOS embedded CLR Single-Chip software box  

Space-saving and cost-effective

ProConOS embedded CLR (eCLR) is also available for single-chip architectures. The controller code can be executed directly from the flash memory (execution-in-place). This way, no additional external RAM memory is required for processing the controller program. The execution-in-place technology is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for controller applications on system-on-chip designs.

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ProConOS embedded CLR SoftPLC

ProConOS eCLR SoftPLC software box  

The PC as realtime controller

ProConOS embedded CLR (eCLR) provides an IEC 61131 PLC runtime environment with hard realtime. With this you can develop a powerful controller based on PC hardware. IEC 61131 languages can be used for programming, as well as C#. When a realtime operating system is used in addition to the Windows operating system, the solution offers multitasking functions with cycle times well under a millisecond. Jitter in this case is within the single-digit microsecond range, with extremely fast code execution well below a microsecond (1000 lines of code).

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ProConOS embedded CLR Visual Studio

ProConOS eCLR Visual Studio software box  

Extremely flexible due to high-level language

ProConOS embedded CLR (eCLR) can be programmed in MULTIPROG with the programming languages of IEC 61131-3 and in Visual Studio with the object-oriented .NET high-level language C#.

Function blocks and functions written in C# can be used in the programming system. For this purpose, an add-in for Visual Studio is installed and provides assembly templates in Visual Studio. MULTIPROG libraries are generated on this basis. For consistent debugging, Visual Studio offers an interface for monitoring and troubleshooting. This includes online displays of variable values, forcing and overwriting, breakpoints, and OPC tags.

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ProConOS embedded CLR with PROFINET

ProConOS eCLR with PROFINET software box  

Integrated PROFINET support

The ProConOS eCLR environment also supports the PROFINET communication stacks from Phoenix Contact Software. They can be used for implementation of PROFINET controllers and/or PROFINET devices. The powerful software architecture of the system enables data exchange with up to 100 PROFINET devices per millisecond.

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Demo software download

The button below will direct you to the download area for IEC 61131 control demo software.

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