IEC 61131 Control technology components

IEC 61131 Control technology components

High-performance engineering

Speed up your development process with an open architecture and ready-made components.

Discover the software technology components from Phoenix Contact. The IEC 61131 programming and runtime systems from Phoenix Contact provide manufacturers of automation technology with a tool for developing controllers.

Your advantages

  • Simple development, startup, and testing of your individual automation solution thanks to intuitive operation and user-friendly additional functions
  • High-performance control solutions thanks to a runtime system with fast code processing
  • Flexible use thanks to product versions for different user classes
  • Unique selling points thanks to adaptable and extendable software components
  • Facility to develop manufacturer-specific controllers with the Software Development Kit (SDK)

IEC 61131 technology components

IEC 61131 technology platform  

Modular, scalable, and versatile – the IEC 61131 technology platform

The IEC 61131 MULTIPROG programming system and the high-performance IEC 61131 ProConOS embedded CLR (eCLR) runtime system are two perfectly coordinated software components which enable you to develop a complete system according to the requirements of IEC 61131.

They create and process native machine code, which is specifically created for the CPU architecture used. This enables you to develop extremely fast control solutions or even to use very cost-effective microcontrollers.

IEC 61131 programming system

IEC 61131 programming system software box  

MULTIPROG – development tools for all requirements

The IEC 61131 MULTIPROG programming system is the central tool in the development of automation applications. Apart from the actual programming function, it provides a broad range of intelligent additional functions, which support programmers in the development, testing, and startup of their application.

MULTIPROG makes sure that you always keep a clear overview. It takes care of project management and provides support for the management of fieldbuses, networks, and peripheral components, among other things.

IEC 61131 runtime system

IEC 61131 runtime system software box  

ProConOS eCLR – the core of high-performance control solutions

The installation of the ProConOS embedded CLR (eCLR) runtime system transforms standard hardware as well as specific embedded platforms into extremely powerful IEC 61131 controllers. It is multitasking- and realtime-capable, extremely fast, and compliant with IEC 61131. ProConOS embedded CLR can be ported to almost any hardware.

ProConOS runtime systems have been used successfully in automation technology for more than 30 years. Versions are available for various automation tasks.

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