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Examples of use

Easy acquisition of local loads

Energy measuring with EMpro  

Measuring energy flow

Use EMpro measuring devices to acquire the energy characteristics of your machines and systems directly in the control cabinet. You can therefore perform monitoring on site and forward data to the PLC.

Logging measured values in databases

Energy monitoring with EMpro  

Monitoring and logging energy flow

Use network-capable EMpro measuring devices to monitor characteristic electrical data centrally and on site.

You can therefore gather all characteristic data relevant to production via a compact controller and log it in an SQL database.

Central energy data acquisition over large network structures

Central energy data acquisition with EMpro  

Central energy data acquisition

In order to achieve efficient energy management, all energy data that has been determined is acquired and analyzed centrally in the control center.

For data transmission, integrate the EMpro measuring devices flexibly into your network structures.

EMpro communication interfaces:

  • Ethernet with integrated web server
  • RS-485/Ethernet gateway with web server
  • RS-485, JBUS, and Modbus RTU
  • PROFIBUS DP with 1.5 Mbps or 12 Mbps

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