Copper installation technology

Copper installation technology

For fast installation

By using the right accessories, you can reduce installation time and increase the performance of your application.

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From fast connection tools to various cable types and RS-485 connection distributors, Phoenix Contact has the right accessory for any application.

Your advantages

  • Error free wiring in the case of a spur connection using RS-485 T-distributors for the DIN rail
  • Fast assembly of PROFIBUS cables, thanks to the quick stripping tool
  • Easy cross-wiring between devices, thanks to DIN rail connectors

RS-485 bus connection distributors

RS-485 connection distributors  

RS-485 connection distributors

The rail-mountable PSM-PTK RS-485 T-distributor is used for a spur-connection or when a star-connection is required in a bus system.


Assemble PROFIBUS cables easily

Cable assembly with quick stripping tool  

Cable assembly with quick stripping tool

Minimum effort and expense: the PSM-STRIP-FC/PROFIB quick stripping tool can be used to assemble the PROFIBUS cable. 

You can complete two tasks with a single tool:

  1. Strip cable and single wires and insert into plug
  2. Close plug housing cover



Passive mini patch panels

Mini patch panels with various connection options  

Mini patch panels with various connection options

Are you looking for an alternative to on-site assembly of RJ45 plugs? 

Mini patch panels offer a user-friendly solution.  Depending on which version is selected, you simply connect the discrete ethernet wires to the screw, spring-cage or IDC connection terminal blocks. The connection to the termination devices is then completed using pre-assembled RJ45 patch cables.

Ethernet electrical network isolators

Electrical Ethernet isolators  

Electrical Ethernet isolators

In industrial environments, potential differences pose a constant problem with regard to interference-free data transmission. A reliable solution is our FL ISOLATOR for electrical isolation in copper-based Ethernet networks.

Thanks to the high-quality isolation for up to 4 kV, you can protect your Ethernet devices and interfaces and significantly increase immunity to interference.


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