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Avoid the next WannaCry



mGuard SMART2 offers easy-to-install, non-intrusive firewall capability

Middletown, Pa. – In the wake of the massive WannaCry ransomware incident, Phoenix Contact is encouraging healthcare facilities and other businesses to take preventive steps to protect their systems from the next malware attack.

Hospitals and medical facilities are at high risk of malware and other network breaches. Old, unsupported and unpatched Windows PCs are often used as part of legacy medical equipment like X-ray machines and MRIs. These PCs and other devices are outside of IT’s normal protection and defensive sphere.

“As we saw this past week, failure to protect these systems can interrupt critical patient care and services. With a few steps, it’s possible to prevent most malware from infecting your network,” said Dan Schaffer, product marketing manager for industrial networks. “It’s always best to keep critical systems disconnected from the Internet. However, that’s becoming increasingly difficult in our ever-connected world. If your device must be connected, the best way to keep malware out is to use a firewall, like our mGuard, particularly with the CIFS Integrity Monitoring enabled.”


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