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New hand tool options from Phoenix Contact


New hand tool options from Phoenix Contact

Complete wire processing with Crimpfox-N series

Middletown, Pa. - Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of its hand tools through the release of the Crimpfox-N series with permanent dies and an additional cutting and stripping die for complete wire processing.

Inserted in the handle of the tool, the Crimpfox-WF die provides cutting and stripping capabilities in addition to crimping. Each of the four models comes equipped with this capability, making the tool’s functionality more specific to the needs of the individual.

This tool features precise processing with specific crimping geometries and an easy follow through ratchet release and releasable pressure lock mechanisms. The Crimpfox-N provides the optimum transfer of force, requiring minimal manual impact. The Crimpfox-WF offers the operator cutting and stripping capabilities for complete processing of the cable with one tool. The Crimpfox-WF exhibits a stripping capability from 20-10 AWG and cutting capabilities from 24-10 AWG.



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