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Varistor-based lightning arresters for Lightning Protection Levels III and IV


High level of surge protection in an affordable package

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – The new VAL-MS-T1/T2 lightning arresters from Phoenix Contact offer a higher level of surge protection in an affordable package.

The arresters are rated for Type 1 lightning strike events with a measured 10/350 µs test current (Iimp) of 12.5 kA or Type 2 surge events with a measured 8/20 µs maximum discharge surge current (Imax) of 50 kA. The varistors-based VALVETRAB T1/T2 provides maximum surge protection in an easy-to-use DIN rail-mount base.

All arrester plugs, including the N-PE spark gap, are pluggable and have a thermal disconnect device triggering the visual and the integrated remote monitoring contacts allowing continuous monitoring of the varistor’s health. The lightning arresters can be used in DC applications such as FTTA/telecom, Wi-Fi networks, photovoltaic industries or AC single and multi-phase networks – even where significant voltage fluctuations are to be expected.

A new locking mechanism reliably keeps the connector in the base element, even when subjected to high lightning currents or vibration. The locking mechanism can be released with single-handed operation to perform isolation measurements or other checks.

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