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Narrow signal duplicator


MINI Analog Pro offers easy installation in tight spaces

Middletown, Pa. – The newest module in Phoenix Contact’s MINI Analog Pro family increases flexibility in analog signal duplication, thanks to easy software configuration. Due to modern electronics and design, the 6.2-mm module can isolate inputs and outputs to 3 kV.

Sometimes referred to as a “signal splitter,” the module actually duplicates the analog input value offering a maximum of 600 ohms load per output. On the input side, the duplicator accepts analog signals within the 0-12 V DC and 0-24 mA ranges. The two outputs can be independently configured within the 0-10.5 V DC and 0-21 mA ranges. With software configuration, the minimum increments of the output ranges are a very fine 0.01 mA and 0.0005 V. Using the configuration software, it is also possible to configure the module as an analog set-point module with two switching analog output values.


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