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Phoenix Contact introduces the Right Angle Wirefox series


Right Angle Wirefox  

Right Angle Wirefox

Ergonomic stripping tools ensure durability and comfort when stripping wires

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s extensive line of hand tools now includes the Right Angle Wirefox wire strippers, designed for more ergonomic cable stripping. The right angle makes it easier to reach wires and cables in difficult locations.

Right Angle Wirefox strippers are durable, tested for 150,000 strip cycles, and the replaceable stripping blades are estimated to last 25,000 cycles. The stripping pliers feature a changeable limit stop for the stripping length and are adjustable for insulation thickness.  The wire strippers are self-adjusting for a wide range of cross sections.

The Wirefox strippers come in four different sizes to handle different applications:

  • 28-12 AWG
  • 16-8 AWG
  • 34-8 AWG
  • 15-5 AWG

Like all of the hand tools in Phoenix Contact’s TOOL fox line, the Right Angle Wirefox strippers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about the entire line at


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