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New NEMA 4X wireless I/O device


Phoenix Contact expands the Radioline product family

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact has added a new 900 MHz spread-spectrum transceiver to its award-winning Radioline product family. The RAD-900-DAIO6 (Outdoor Radioline) makes retrofit and expansion projects much simpler and faster by eliminating or supplementing signal wiring for conventional I/O signals.

This device can monitor digital on/off status, actuate relay outputs, and transmit or receive 4–20 mA signals over distances up to 20 miles. The I/O signals can be mirrored at other stations in the wireless network or mapped to Modbus RTU for easy integration into a Modbus host system.

A single network can support up to 250 radios with any combination of repeaters and slaves, and the RAD-900-DAIO6 is completely interoperable with the existing Radioline products. Basic configuration requires no software. Simply set the Radio ID using a thumbwheel on the front of the transceiver. The user can access advanced configuration and diagnostics with the free PSI-CONF software.


Molly McGowan
Public Relations Specialist
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