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Students from Lower Dauphin win trip to Florida


Automated “Bee Keeper” named best in Phoenix Contact’s 2017 Nanoline Contest

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – A team from Lower Dauphin High School in Hummelstown, Pa., has won a trip to Orlando, Fla., in Phoenix Contact’s Nanoline Contest. The company announced the winner on Saturday, February 18, to kick off its National Engineers Week celebration.
The students developed and built a “Bee Keeper” machine that automates the collection of honey and beeswax. The bees reside in several “supers” or boxes. Phoenix Contact’s Nanoline Controller reads data from sensors, and when the weight of the super indicates the honey is ready for harvesting, the box automatically moves over to a collection system. The heater will turn on, and melt the wax, and the honey will be collected in the catch bin. Before the super moves, the machine blows smoke into the hive, forcing the bees to the lower level to keep them from being harmed. It also blows powdered sugar onto the bees so they clean each other off.  This process promotes the removal of mites from the bees.


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