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Windows XP — Don’t Get Left Behind


Phoenix Contact publishes white paper to help automation engineers prepare for Windows XP’s end of life

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Microsoft recently issued a security intelligence report stating that computers running on its Windows XP operating system are six times more likely to have been infected with malware than those running Windows 8. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft will stop offering support and security updates and patches for Windows XP as of April 8, 2014, that means control systems that run on XP are at serious risk of infection.

To help automation engineers prepare for XP’s end of life, Phoenix Contact has published a white paper outlining the steps an industrial company can take to prepare. “WIN XP — Don’t Get Left Behind,” available at, examines two courses of action XP users can take: Upgrade the entire system, or continue to run on the platform, but with increased security measures.


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