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Dual-layer capacitor batteries for intelligent UPS system


Capacitor batteries for QUINT UPS-IQ

Longer life for UPS with capacitor batteries

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – Phoenix Contact has introduced capacitor-based dual-layer batteries for its QUINT UPS-IQ line. Like the lithium-ion battery introduced earlier this year, the capacitor battery has a longer lifespan and wider temperature range than the UPS’s original valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery.

This capacitor-based energy storage can operate between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius. It has an operational lifespan of up to 20 years based upon the ambient conditions.

The original VRLA battery, by contrast, is rated for use between temperatures of 0 to 40 C before experiencing severe derating and operational issues. Using the QUINT UPS-IQ with the capacitor battery reduces the need to replace the batteries frequently, which can be challenging in harsh conditions.

The QUINT UPS-IQ family provides intelligent battery backup in mission-critical systems that require an uninterruptible power supply. Users can gain additional visibility into the performance behavior of the capacitors, including:

  • State of Charge (SOC): Indicates the remaining backup time and level of charge on the battery
  • State of Health (SOH): Indicates the remaining service life of the battery module(s)
  • State of Function (SOF): Indicates the capacity of the battery module(s)


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