Getting Started with your Nanoline Project

After registering your team, and telling us more about your intended project, we will ship you a Nanoline Starter Kit. The kit will contain all the parts you need to gets started, and please let us know if you need anything else.

Step 1: Your Nanoline Starter Kit and how to assemble it

Open the box and a world of new ideas!

Watch the Nanoline Tutorial - Step 1 video

Step 2: The Nanoline Controller and what it can do

See what David and Danielle and the rest of the Green Power Club built. They demonstrated their project to over 5,000 students in 2012 at the Hanover Fair. And they received a trophy from the German Minister of Technology and Industry on Earth Day.

Watch the Nanoline Tutorial - Step 2 video

Step 3: The nanoNavigator software, installation, and configuration

The easy part: flowcharts to program a world of ideas.

Watch the Nanoline Tutorial - Step 3 video

Step 4: Connecting the Nanoline Controller to input sensors and output devices

Getting the lights to turn on and off, and getting your project to operate.

Watch the Nanoline Tutorial - Step 4 video

Step 5: Topics to consider as you build your project

Teamwork, planning, and time management are key to success.

Watch the Nanoline Tutorial - Step 5 video

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Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise

Technical Training Specialist