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KA+O, 2016 Winner

This creative project idea was designed to save space primarily in smaller residencies. (KA+O) pronounced “kato”, gives the user the ability to check the contents of their refrigerator while away from home. By means of various modules and sensors built into the refrigerator, the user can utilize PLC communication to display contents on a mobile application, taking real time inventory of everything inside the refrigerator and cabinets. Not only does it inventory the contents, but also keeps track of the expiration dates, calculates volume of liquids as well. This project provides the user with the ability to organize their food supply, and reminds the user what they need to buy and what they don’t need to buy, potentially saving them money.

The team consisted of all seniors:  Kayla Hasseld, Michelle Coe, Dawson Willis, Connor Hough, David Alba-Lopez, CJ Weaver with the class instructor and team mentor James Hanson of the Walker Career Center, Indianapolis, IN.

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Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise

Technical Training Specialist