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RoboDose, 2014 Winner

The automated pill dispenser, affectionately called Esmeralda, is designed to ensure that the correct medicine dose is taken at the correct time. It can be used in small home and large scale (nursing home, hospital) applications, and can alert medical staff or family members if the medicine is not taken in a timely manner. The robot machine uses Phoenix Contact’s Nanoline Controller and nanoNavigator software to program and deliver medicine. The GSM module of the Nanoline controller is used to send SMS messages to designated medical staff and family contacts. The team was sponsored by Walgreens, T-Mobile, RobotStop, Phidgets, and Office Max.

Team members are Brian Wyatt, Emma Griffith, Jaidy Hernandez, Jonathan Owens, and Portia Jefferson. Class instructor Jim Hanson (not pictured) served as advisor to the team, and travelled with the team to Germany in early April. The project was seen by over 8,000 German students at the Tec2You booth at the Hannover Fair.

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Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise

Technical Training Specialist