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FAN-TC, 2015 Winner

A “Fully Automated Nanoline T-Shirt Cannon” (FAN-TC), pronounced “fantasy”, can sense what section of a crowd is loudest using microphones embedded in the stands. It can then take this information and transmit it over cellular text messaging to a Nanoline controller on the cannon. The cannon can then autonomously roam to the loudest section and fire t-shirts to the crowd. FAN-TC also includes a manual mode where it can be driven and fired from human input via an industrial control panel and LCD display. Controls are intuitive and simple to use, allowing the school the ability to use the device after the students who designed it graduate. It incorporates an ultra-sonic sensor to ensure no person or object is in the line of fire as well as a pressure sensor to ensure there is sufficient air in the pressurized tank. An LED light show was built for the machine to indicate to spectators that a t-shirt is coming their way! Industry standards for wiring, wire routing, and labeling were followed for the entirety of the build.

The team consisted of juniors Wil Barce, Blake Strawsma and Justin Shultz and seniors Bryce Nehrig, Kyle Laramore, and Nate Post along with the class instructor and team mentor John Weitlauf.

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Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise

Technical Training Specialist