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Eric Leckrone

Eric Leckrone

Name: Eric Leckrone

Alumni: Lehigh University

Position Title: MFG Engineer II

Degree: BS Mech. Engineering



Why did you choose engineering as your major?

I had to choose a profession for my HS senior project. I arbitrarily chose Engineering and discovered that it seemed very appealing to me.


What do you find the most satisfying about your engineering career?

I get to see ideas implemented from concept to physical reality. I also get to solve problems…and I guess the problem-solving process in itself is satisfying.


What advice would you give to students exploring an engineering career?

Get comfortable with problems. Don’t look at them as interruptions as much as they are just a part of your job, regardless of the technical nature of the problem.


How do you recommend students go about selecting their engineering discipline (ex: mechanical, electrical, etc)

I’m convinced that any good engineer can easily learn a new discipline. So, I recommend going for the discipline that would seem most attractive to the company or industry in which you hope to work. Otherwise, if unknown, take mechanical, as it seems to be a type of “all-purpose” engineering.


What does a day in your career as an engineer look like?

20% Design or concept generation (CAD, sketches, BOMs), 20% manual application (assembly, testing, repair, troubleshooting, etc…), 30% communication (email, calls, etc…), 20% documentation, and 10% time management.


What is a moment or project throughout the history of engineering that has most inspired you?

I can’t site any one specific example. I’d say I’m most inspired when I discover any uniquely creatively designed real life thing, be it a clever cut pattern for a sheet metal bracket or a particularly concise PLC program.



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