Interview tips

Interview tips

A face-to-face opportunity

Prepare yourself and make the most of your job opportunity.

Interview tips

Interviewing can be very nerve-wracking, for both the job seeker and the potential employer.  Check out our tips below to help ease your process and to assure you’re prepared!

Before the interview

Research the company

Do some research on the company so you know who they are, what they do and their culture.

Know the position

Know what position you are interviewing for.  This includes knowing the specific functions of the role so you can explain how you can perform the role.

Print extra copies

Employers sometimes don’t have time to print off a copy of your resume or references.  Printing and bringing extra copies will show you are well prepared.

Mock interview

Practice a mock interview with a friend.  This will help assure you are ready for the big day.


During the interview

Be Prepared & Confident

If you’ve followed the pre-interview tips, you are now prepared.  Therefore, you should be confident as you are ready to tackle the interview!

Arrive early

Arrive 10-15 minutes early.  This will allow time for you to gain your composure, sign in if needed, and assure you find the interview location.

Firm Handshake

Offer a firm handshake and look the individual in the eyes during any introductions.

Take Notes

The interview is a two sided process.  Taking notes will help you remember important topics and allow you to ask questions later in the interview.

Be Specific

When answering or asking questions, be specific.  Giving examples allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and talents better than being very broad.  Being specific will help you stand out.

Ask Questions

Asking questions assures that along with you being a good fit for the company, that the company is a good fit for you.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the position, responsibilities, the company, or any other questions.

After the interview

Thank Them

After the interview you should thank the individual interviewing you for their time.

Ask when you’ll hear back

Ask when you’ll hear back and if it’s okay to contact them if you don’t hear back by then.

Ask For Business Card

Obtain a card with contact information on it so you can easily reference the interview and interviewer.

Be Responsive

Be available and responsive to any calls or emails.

Send Thank You Note

Send a short thank you note, letter, or email to those whom interviewed you.  This will help reiterate your interest in the company and demonstrate your passion about the position.


Most importantly learn from the experience!


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