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Technical data




Width 71.5 mm
Height 170 mm
Depth 140 mm
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Ambient conditions

Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 75 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 85 °C
Permissible humidity (operation) 5 % ... 95 % (non-condensing)
Permissible humidity (storage/transport) 5 % ... 95 % (non-condensing)
Air pressure (operation) 57 kPa ... 108 kPa (up to 4850 m above mean sea level)
Air pressure (storage/transport) 57 kPa ... 108 kPa (up to 4850 m above mean sea level)
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Interface Ethernet (RJ45)
No. of ports 8 (RJ45 POE ports)
Note on the connection method Auto negotiation and autocrossing
Transmission physics Ethernet in RJ45 twisted pair
Transmission speed 10/100 Mbps
Transmission length 100 m
Interface Fiber optic interface
No. of ports 2 (SFP ports)
Transmission physics multi-mode fiberglass
Transmission speed 1000 Mbps (full duplex)
Transmission length up to 80 km (Depending on the fiber/SFP module used)
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Basic functions Store and forward switch, Extended Ring and IEEE redundancy, Multicast control, IGMP snooping, trunking, Port and Tagging VLANs, Port and IEEE 802.1x security, SNMP V3 and Https security, SNTP, web customization, user accounts
Additional functions Autonegotiation
Status and diagnostic indicators LEDs: US1, US2 (redundant voltage supply), link and activity per port
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Network expansion parameters

Cascading depth Network, linear, and star structure: any
Maximum conductor length (twisted pair) 100 m
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Supply voltage

Supply voltage 55 V DC (redundant)
Residual ripple 3.6 VPP (within the permitted voltage range)
Supply voltage range 52 V DC ... 57 V DC
Typical current consumption 3.94 A (at US = 56.2 V DC)
Inrush current 46.7 A (384 µs)
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Mounting type DIN rail
Type AX Block design
Net weight 2144 g
Housing material Aluminum
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Connection data

Connection method Pluggable COMBICON screw connections
Conductor cross section solid min. 0.2 mm²
Conductor cross section solid max. 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section flexible min. 0.2 mm²
Conductor cross section flexible max. 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section AWG min. 24
Conductor cross section AWG max. 12
Stripping length 7 mm
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Standards and Regulations

Type of test Shock in acc. with EN 60068-2-27/IEC 60068-2-27
Test result 30g, 11 ms half-sine shock pulse
Type of test Vibration resistance in acc. with EN 60068-2-6/IEC 60068-2-6
Test result 5g, 150 Hz, Criterion 3
Type of test Free fall in acc. with IEC 60068-2-32
Test result 1 m
Conformance CE-compliant
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Environmental Product Compliance

China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 10;
For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”
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ECLASS 4.0 27250501
ECLASS 4.1 27250501
ECLASS 5.0 19030100
ECLASS 5.1 19030100
ECLASS 6.0 19170100
ECLASS 7.0 19170106
ECLASS 9.0 19170106
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ETIM 2.0 EC000734
ETIM 3.0 EC000734
ETIM 4.0 EC000734
ETIM 6.0 EC000734
ETIM 7.0 EC000734
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UNSPSC 6.01 43172015
UNSPSC 7.0901 43201404
UNSPSC 11 43172015
UNSPSC 12.01 43201410
UNSPSC 13.2 43201410
UNSPSC 18.0 43222612
UNSPSC 19.0 43222612
UNSPSC 20.0 43222612
UNSPSC 21.0 43222612
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Middletown, PA 17057
(800) 888-7388



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