Software drivers - CD IBS PCI SC RTX - 2737423

Driver and documentation CD incl. Driver as RTDLL, coupling driver for parallel Windows access and HLI interface as RTDLL, incl. online documentation (as development licence)



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Whether in mechanical or plant engineering - PCs are gradually taking over the control world. The stability of the application and the deterministics of data access are major demands placed on the PC. With the aid of the Venturcom RTX realtime extension, control engineering applications or motion control with their increased demands with respect to deterministics and the stability of the system can now also run on the PC. The Venturcom realtime environment is then the main process on the computer - the Windows operating system runs parallel. INTERBUS with the extended reference data (8192 data nodes) and the proven G4 diagnostics is integrated into the environment by the supported PCI boards. 30 kByte NVRAM for remanent data and direct inputs for buttons/displays turn the PC into a real control system. With the aid of C compilers (e.g. Visual Studio V6.0 Visual C/C++), an application is programmed that takes over the control of the system. The Windows operating system takes care of communication with the outside world (control system, MES, data bases), and visualization.
The software comprises a driver, a simple application interface (HLI) and a coupling driver for communication between the Windows world and Venturcom environment. This is an unlimited development license.
The necessary runtime licenses for the realtime extension must be purchased separately from Venturcom (
There are also third-party drivers for other operating systems (Linux, QNX etc.) or IEC 61131-based control systems (Klöpper & Wiege, 3S etc.).

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