Termination board - IBS ISA SC/RI/RT/I-T - 2729185

INTERBUS controller board with additional slave interface for connection to higher-level controllers via INTERBUS for IBM-compatible PCs with integrated 16-bit ISA bus



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Product Description

INTERBUS system coupler for PCs with ISA bus
System couplers integrate master and slave functions in one controller board at reduced space and low cost.
They can be used wherever the PC takes over control functions in a lower-level INTERBUS system and at the same time requires a non-interacting link to a higher-level INTERBUS system.
A typical example is the internal control of a robot with a PC and the simultaneous link to the system network.
The software interfaces to the application program are compatible with the INTERBUS Generation 4 PC controller boards, such as the IBS PC ISA SC/I-T. As with all Generation 4 boards, configuration, parameterization and diagnostics are supported by the INTERBUS CMD software.
The system coupler allows for the connection of an external 24 V DC power supply to ensure uninterrupted operation of the higher-level INTERBUS system.
Note: Owing to space requirements, the standard 9-pos. D-SUB connectors were integrated in an external connection terminal (IBS ISA SC/RI EXT-T) for the IBS ISA SC/RI/RT/I-T board.

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Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2729185
Packing unit 1 pc
GTIN 4017918161880
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 214.000 g
Custom tariff number 84733020
Country of origin DE (Germany)


586 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057
(800) 888-7388



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