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Never take a good connection for granted.

Every wire in your control cabinet is there for a reason.  The connections of those wires—via spring, screw, IDC, or crimp—are only as reliable as the integrity of the terminations. For nearly a century, Phoenix Contact has been the trusted partner for reliable connections.

EPI Labelers testimonial

When it comes time for installation, EPI’s assembly team has confidence in getting the job done right – and streamlining assembly time - by using Phoenix Contact products, like the PT terminal block with Push-in Technology.

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E-finity Distributed Generation, LLC testimonial

E-Finity, an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, on-site power provider for natural disasters, uses turbines and other control systems to aid those in need. When lives are on the line, they depend upon Phoenix Contact to ensure that their equipment does the job.

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PT push-in technology in action at Pack Expo

Push-in Technology offers direct insertion of ferruled wires without the use of ferruled wires into the block and the insertion of stranded wires with the use of a screwdriver or ballpoint pen. If offers up to 50-percent reduced push-in forces from previous products without loss of retention force, and is just as strong as our spring or screw technology terminal blocks.

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Genesys Control Corporation testimonial

Over a decade of reliable service, product, and commitment.

E-Finity Distributed Generation, LLC testimonial

Environmentally friendly power recovery from natural disasters.

Construction Robotics - SAC testimonial

Construction Robotics is bringing automation and technology to the construction industry.